Domestic Violence

Despite what most people believe, domestic violence (DV) is not actually a criminal charge. Rather, DV is a tag that is added to a specific charge such as an assault, malicious mischief, or burglary when the charge is committed against a current or former family or household member.


Despite what logic would tell us, someone can be charged with a domestic violence offense for getting in a fight with their college roommate. A charge can have a domestic violence tag added even when there is no violence involved in the act, as in the case of theft. Many convictions for domestic violence offenses can also result in the revocation of the defendant’s firearm rights. In these and other circumstances, it is important to get domestic violence defense attorney to be your advocate.


If you have been accused of domestic violence, we understand the chaos and upheaval you are already going through. It’s likely that a judge has already imposed a no contact order, which may prevent you from going home, seeing your kids, or maybe even going to work.


If you have been accused of DV, Kidd Defense can help. As a domestic violence defense attorney, Kidd Defense understands what you are going through and how important a quick resolution is. We also believe that the most important thing when you are charged with a domestic violence offense is getting the right outcome. In light of this philosophy, we often remind our clients that the right outcome tomorrow is likely better than a bad outcome today. A Kidd Defense domestic violence defense attorney is aware of what a judge will want to see before agreeing to recall a no contact order and how to take advantage of the difficult nature of proving a domestic violence allegation. Most importantly, we are dedicated to the defense of our clients. If you have been accused of domestic violence let us help you put your life back together. Call Kidd Defense today.

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