Traffic Tickets

If you have been cited with a traffic ticket, regardless of the reason, we can help. Don’t chance having your insurances rates increase by simply paying an infraction such as speeding or negligent driving in the second degree. Mark the citation as “contested” within 15 days of receipt, submit it to the court and call Kidd Defense to be your traffic ticket lawyer and handle the rest on your behalf.

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Speed limit - rules for traffic tickets

Misdemeanor Citations

If you have been cited with a misdemeanor traffic offense such as driving with a suspended license (DWLS), hit and run or reckless driving, you may have been given a court date or the officer may simply have ordered you to contact the court within 15 days to set up a court date. A conviction for some misdemeanor traffic offenses can lead to jail, fines, probation, suspended license, or SR-22 insurance. Regardless of the case, don’t go to court alone. Get a traffic ticket lawyer. Call Kidd Defense to schedule a free consultation.

Felony Citations

If you have been arrested for a felony traffic charge, you must act quickly to defend yourself. Any conviction for a felony where a vehicle was used will lead to a one year license revocation. Felony traffic offenses such as hit and run injury, vehicular assault or vehicular homicide could lead to a significant jail or prison sentence. Let us help drive your defense. Call Kidd Defense today to schedule a free consultation.

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